Before You Hire a Camarillo Plumber


These are some good plumbing tips to consider!

80% of plumbing companies are corporations…focused on the bottom line.  Morning sales meetings pump up techs to make sales. These techs are the plumbers, and they are paid to do the job plus 30% commissions on the sales they produce. Good knowledge of plumbing insider secrets and plumbing tips can save you a lot of money.

A typical corporate ad says they will come out for free.  Techs show up and must sell services that are not needed to pay for the free service call.  Most of the techs are not licensed plumbers but are newly hired, and are often teamed up with very experienced salesman/plumbers. The result is you pay for two plumbers instead of one.

Example: Main line sewer blockage. Plumber comes out and runs a snake into sewer and intentionally does not clear the line. He tells the customer, the sewer camera says you need a new sewer line.  Add the cost of a new sewer to an already inflated price.

Inside Secret and plumbing tips: The only time a plumbing company will use a sewer camera for free is to get you to buy a sewer replacement. These companies know the value of a customer who is calling with an emergency and a house that has backed up sewage.

These large companies have costs that include  yellow page ads, radio and TV ads, warehouse, shop, office rent,  income property, business, recruitment and training of new hires,  test equipment,  legal counsel, quality control, service management administration, office equipment, IT department, phones , lights, heat and air conditioning, office supplies, office help, recruitment ads, human resources, and more.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How can a company with this much overhead come out to your place for free?
  • Do you need your plumber to charge you for all this overhead?


The Ugly Secret

These companies do not come out for free. With this kind of overhead, these large corporations see you and your plumbing problems as a major pay off of investment to stockholders.

Daniel Fish Plumbing is owner operated with 35 years of personal experience as a Licensed Plumber and General Contractor. Daniel Fish has a strong construction background and has served as a Professional Witness in construction defect cases.  Daniel Fish was also Founding President of two chapters of the California Real Estate Inspections Association, and won the coveted Real Estate Inspector of The Year award.

Daniel is committed to his clients with knowledge, a fully equipped and stocked truck, and he advises the best way for the client, not for his personal gain.  With numerous referrals available, he has high repeat customer loyalty.


2 Types of Plumbers

The plumbing industry has two ways to run a plumbing company:

  • 1st  is to rip and skip: get every penny they can one time; who cares if the customer  calls again.
  • 2nd  is to treat clients honestly with integrity.


The companies that choose the first way to run a plumbing company make tons of money at your expense.

So why run a plumbing company the second way? The answer is because that is the only way Daniel Fish can be in business.  Professional and Ethical.


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