The Plumbing Partner You’ve Always Wanted to Have

Every household needs a helpful team of service providers to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. One of the most important partners you could ever have is a plumber you can trust to get things done right.

Daniel Fish is proud to partner with homeowners across the Camarillo area for keeping their pipes clean, their leaks fixed, and their appliances in tip-top shape. We can even talk to you about ways to reduce your energy bills!

You can call us for a plumbing emergency any time but all of our regular customers rely on us for a complete line of plumbing services. Whether you suspect a hidden leak or you’re planning the master bath of your dreams, you’ve got a true partner at Daniel Fish Plumbing who is there to help.


Get Help When Things Go Wrong

Plumbing problems are definitely one of the downsides of owning a home. They’re alarming, they’re incredibly inconvenient, and sometimes they’re downright dirty and dangerous. This is one area of life where you need a good partner on your side — one who will be there when you need them the most and one whom you can trust to price their jobs with fairness and honesty.

In all these ways and more, Daniel Fish is your home ownership partner. We feel your grief when things go wrong with the plumbing and we’ve built our customer-first philosophy around serving your needs when you need us the most. Good customer service is about removing the hassle from plumbing services in every way. That’s our aim — to help you feel pride in your home, not grief, hassle, and dismay. You’ll never feel helpless when you reach out to the folks here at Daniel Fish Plumbing.


Put Daniel Fish Plumbing in Your List of Contacts

You never know when you’re going to need a plumber. As a homeowner, you know that’s just the nature of plumbing emergencies. Save our number to your mobile phone contacts and you’re one step closer to having it all covered when things go wrong. We’re literally a push of a button away for all of life’s plumbing-related emergencies or any other time when your pipes need attention.


We’re Proud to Offer these Plumbing Services

Leak Detection & Repair

Every professional has his specialty and Daniel Fish considers his to be leak detection. Not all plumbing companies in Camarillo are set up to scout out the hidden leaks that can plague a home. Around here, we love technology and it’s this passion for discovering new ways of doing things that has led this company to the forefront of the industry. We’re known for our modern tools and techniques, based on cutting-edge technology for diagnosing and repairing plumbing problems in your home. Discover all we do to find leaks and repair them for you.


Sewer Camera Inspection and Locating

The advanced technology behind sewer camera inspections is truly exciting to us here in the ‘shop’. We know you’re probably more interested in getting results but to us, it’s all about the technology. Without it, we couldn’t serve our customers as well as we do. We employ sewer cameras to find out what’s causing your plumbing problems. Even those issues that occur underground or beneath your driveway can be rooted out and given full visibility through the use of our sewer cameras. These tiny technological marvels help prevent problems, too. Learn more about better diagnostics with sewer cameras here.


Drain Cleaning

We’re all about bringing in the latest diagnostic technology to solve your drain problems. Clogs can happen anywhere in the line, from the end user point all the way back to the city line. Your Daniel Fish plumbing partner can help you save time and money by quickly finding the problem and fixing it fast.

The best way to extend the life of your pipes is to keep them free of debris, grease, and more. That keeps the water flowing healthy and clean. Booking a drain cleaning is the best way to keep those pipes clean and make them last longer, too.

And for clogs, the added benefit you get when you call us is that you won’t have any harsh chemicals poured down your drain! We use tools, not chemicals, to unclog your pipes. Learn more about why you should always call a professional plumber to unclog your drain.


General Plumbing

We’ve covered most of the plumbing services any homeowner or business owner might need right here on this page. But there’s always something else a plumber can do to help your home be as comfortable and safe as possible. Daniel Fish’s general plumbing services include residential and commercial jobs of all sizes. We can come over to help with a simple fix or schedule us to take on a more complex project.

Need a faucet installed? We do that all the time! Want some advice on which tankless water heater you should purchase? We’ll assess your home’s needs and guide your purchase, then install the system for you. Got a leak under the sink that you just can’t seem to get fixed yourself? With our tools and expertise, you’ll have a dry under-sink cabinet in no time. And that tricky bathtub in the master bath that’s always leaking? We’ll root out the problem and repair the leak before the damage gets serious. Here’s a complete list of our general plumbing services.


Copper Repiping

Many homeowners are now upgrading their pipes with a copper repiping treatment, which fixes a number of problems. From low water pressure to water damage to leaks, a copper repiping project can take care of many of the plumbing problems that today’s homeowners are facing. After a repiping project, you will experience superior water pressure, consistent temperatures during your shower, and clean, clear water that’s never stained yellow or tainted with rust. Plus, your entire plumbing system will run more efficiently for added benefits well into the future. Learn more about copper repiping and why it should always be done by a professional.


PEX Repiping

For the ultimate in TLC for your home, PEX repiping is considered even better than copper repiping. It’s not a metal piping system so it’s flexible, durable, and easier to work with. That means you save money up front during installation as well as in the long run. It’s safe, too — Europeans have trusted PEX pipes in their homes for more than forty years! It works great with radiant heating systems. Find out more the many advantages of PEX plumbing here.


Trenchless Technology

To fix your sewer or water supply, we use ‘no-dig’ technology. Also called “trenchless technology”, it represents the new generation of engineering for your sewer, water supply, and gas piping management.

What does that mean for you? Your driveway, landscaping, or hardscaping remain intact while we go to work. Your Daniel Fish plumbing partner employs state-of-the-art techniques (yes, trenchless technology is fairly new!) to minimize disruption to your property, you, and your family. Learn more about the different types of trenchless technology here.


Water Heater Installation & Repair

Without hot water, it’s pretty tough to get through the day. It’s an essential part of living whether you’re running a restaurant or running a household! Water heater repairs are treated as emergencies by our team. That means after you put in a call, we’re there to get your hot water running again before you can say jack rabbit.

Sometimes water heaters can be repaired on the spot. On the other hand, it may be your heater’s final curtain call and it’s time for a replacement. When you call the plumber, you want someone who’s knowledgeable and trustworthy. Daniel Fish works with just about every water heater brand under the sun (including tankless water heaters).

So if you end up needing a new heater, your Daniel Fish plumbing partner can help you make an informed decision. Ask questions, take your time, and make a wise purchase — we’re here to help! Learn more about these services here.


Tankless Heater Installation & Repair

Have you considered a tankless water heater? They take up much less space in your home and offer energy-efficient, on-demand water heating for the whole home. We know you have lots of questions about this next-generation breed of water heaters… ask away! Your Daniel Fish plumbing partner is well-versed in this department, too. Find out more about tankless heaters here.


New Construction Plumbing

Your brand new home is going to be the fulfillment of all your dreams — let us help you with the “boring” stuff of pipes, sewer connection, code enforcement, regulations, and more. You get to focus on the fun parts: choosing fixtures and making sure the appliances you select are the best for your home and your family (we can help with that, too!).

Daniel Fish himself is not only a Professional Licensed Plumber — he’s also a Professional General Contractor. That gives him a broad understanding of how homes are built and how the plumbing systems are affected by the whole house design. When you’re building a new home, this is the kind of plumber you want to be working with. From the granular details of your pipes to the holistic vision of what you want your dream home to become, Daniel Fish comprehends everything on every level. The result: a solidly-built home where everything not only works beautifully but also lasts for decades.  Read more about new construction plumbing here.


Plumbing Inspection

We don’t like to brag but… Daniel Fish was awarded Plumbing Inspector of the Year by the California Real Estate Inspection Association. Yes, it may sound a little geeky to you but among us plumbers, it’s a badge of honor!

When you’re buying a home, you’ll need to have a trusted partner there with you to inspect the home’s entire plumbing system. That us: we inspect everything that’s visible in addition to what’s invisible (with our Sewer Camera).

You get a written report of all our findings during the inspection so you’re fully informed before making one of the most important purchases in your lifetime: your new home. Find out more about our award-winning plumbing inspection services here.


Residential Water Filter Systems

Did you know a plumber can help make your home safer for you and your family? By installing a whole house water filter and soft water system, your plumber can help eliminate some of the hazards of water-borne contaminants like lead, cadmium, and pesticides.

Soft water is another hazard. Most homeowners don’t even know about the dangers of soft water to our health. Did you know that soft water from salt is dangerous? It’s even illegal to hook up your home to chemical soft water.

Your Daniel Fish plumbing partner is schooled in all these hazards and, more importantly, the healthy solutions that are available. A residential water filter system and chemical-free soft water device remove these dangers from your home at the source: before they reach your faucets! Find out about the hazards of contaminated water and how we can help.


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