State of the Art Whole House Water Filter and Soft Water

Have problems with hard or soft water at your house? Weather you want the lowest cost of soft water available and/or a the safest whole house water filter system. Daniel Fish Plumbing install  the state of the art point of use or whole house water filter systems and components for that benefits includes:

Whole House Water Filter Reduces or removes:

Fluoride, chlorine, lead, cadmium, mercury, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, aluminum, nickel, arsenic, radio-nuclides, fertilizers, uranium, radium, pesticides and herbicides

Many filters do not remove fluoride. Fluoride is a toxic waste that causes cavities and cancer. Herbicides and pesticides are being used at higher levels than ever and along with pharmaceutical drugs are found in our drinking water. Protect your health with the state of the art whole house water filter.

Soft Water:

Soft water from salt is very dangerous to our health. 80% to 100% of what touches our skin goes under our skin and most does not come back out easily. Cities have made it against the law to hook up chemical soft water and although they do not enforce it a fine established.

The municipal water districts are having a hard time of removing the saline (salt) levels in the water.

Our soft water device is chemical and maintenance free. It is the least costing device in the industry.

Daniel Fish has years of experience with residential water filter systems. For all of your home water treatment system needs, call us - the local green experts on the matter! Call 805 444 5351