Specialized Equipment and Knowledge:

In the Camarillo area Daniel Fish Plumbing has the specialized equipment and knowledge to find leaks and suggest options of repair that minimize damage to the house and cost. Daniel Fish Plumbing also does the repairs. Here are the things you can do to verify you have a leak.

How you know if you need a leak detection service:

There are several things you can do to determine if you need  a leak detection company. Check the water meter in front of the house to see if the triangle dial is spinning. (This will not work on a digital meter.)  If the triangle is moving you have a leak. All leaks can be confirmed by this method at the meter.

Warm spots when you walk on the floor barefooted. This is a sign that a hot water pipe is leaking under he slab.

Look for water along the outside foundation of the house when you  have not been watering outside in these areas.

Some advertisements sell coating the inside of the pipes with resin. This has a carcinogenic affect on the water. We do not recommend it. Your health is far too important.

Daniel Fish Plumbing has the highest internet ratings in the Camarillo area in leak detection. Daniel is the owner and does the work himself. This is rare in the plumbing industry that an owner actually does the work. This is the reason customer satisfaction is so high at Daniel Fish Plumbing.